20,000 Installs in 10 Days

From Aaron, founder of Easy Tiger Apps, the makers of photo and video apps, including Split Pic (one of Apple's Best of 2013 picks), Font Candy, and Animal Face

"After a few calls discussing the best way to implement and a fairly simple SDK integration, we dialed in two of our apps with Xplode and drove 20,000 installs in 10 days.  That's 20K installs essentially for free!  If this rate continues, that'll be 720,000 installs for the year.  Now, if you consider what you'd be spending if you bought those installs (average CPI of $2.00*), Xplode will save me just over $1.4 million.  Yes, that's correct - I could save $1,400,000 on my ad spend by switching to Xplode.  Not to mention, integration was so easy a caveman could do it (I could go on...)."