Connect Your Apps

Connect Your Apps

We grew from a single app to a connected and profitable app network. Now we are sharing our technology with the global developer community through the Xplode platform.

Grow Your Users

Grow Your Users

Start acquiring high quality users for free. We'll help you get started. Connect with our team at

Boost Your Revenue

Boost Your Revenue

Delight users with personalized app recommendations that blend into their experience. Unlock a significant revenue stream - even from non-spending users.

100% Native. 

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Connect Your Apps

We grew from a single app to a profitable and connected app network. Now we are sharing our technology with you and the rest of the global developer community through the Xplode platform.

Team up with mobile developers around the world building complementary apps to yours to connect your apps into a global network and grow together.  When you leverage your app network to promote your new apps or to re-engage existing users, you start to create a following around your brand.  This, in turn, drives more loyal users to your other apps.  Better connected apps means better discovery. 

Harness the power of the global mobile developer community to succeed in growing your business. 

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Build Your Network
Grow Your Audience

Grow Your Users

Start acquiring quality users for free through the first truly native app discovery platform.

Power user growth and engagement in each app you launch by leveraging the highest quality users: the ones that already value you.

Increase impression to install conversions within your apps with a beautiful and fully responsive solution that's the only truly native design on the market.

Optimize your performance using a dashboard that includes analytics and controls to customize everything in real-time - from your integration timing to the colors you use to the apps you feature

Start growing your users.

Boost Your Revenue

Delight users with personalized app recommendations that blend into their experience. 

Unlock a significant revenue stream - even from non-spending users.

Maximize your revenue using the analytics on your dashboard to optimize and provide a better app discovery experience.

Change in real-time exactly when and how you show your users app recommendations without any client updates.

Start boosting your revenue.

Boost Your Revenue


What is Xplode?

Xplode is the world's first 100% native platform for mobile app developers to promote their apps, grow users, and boost revenue. We're already delivering impressive results from our private beta, and now we're ready to share our technology with the global developer community. CTR of 140%? Only possible with Xplode. 

How does Xplode work?

After integrating the Xplode SDK, you’ll have access to the Xplode Dashboard, the cross-promotion app discovery grid, and the option to monetize with app recommendations. 

Read more on our How it Works page.

How much does Xplode cost? 

Xplode is entirely free to get started. We've built this technology for developers, and our goal is to help you succeed in the mobile world. 

Why should I use Xplode?

Do you want to acquire new users, earn more money, and join a network of global developers? Xplode will help you accomplish each of those goals and more. After integrating Xplode, developers typically experience a 10x boost in organic app discovery among their apps – saving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

How do I get started with Xplode? 

If you already have an invitation code, go ahead and sign up here. Request an invitation code by contacting our team at with some basic details and your organization information. 

So, what makes Xplode awesome? 

Xplode SDK is the most powerful app discovery platform – period. At less than 1MB, it provides full customization options, robust security, incredible performance and more. All of this by using 100% native formats. Sounds awesome, right?

I have other questions, how can I contact someone at Xplode? 

We have a stellar team who are happy to answer any question you can possibly imagine. Reach us at

Why is Xplode 100% native?

Designed for touch and powerful performance, Xplode SDK is fully native, meaning our products run faster and have a better look-and-feel than other counterparts. Users encounter smooth transitions and interactions – ultimately creating an experience that feels natural for the mobile platform.

Can I connect to apps from other companies which are not integrated with Xplode?

Yes! Xplode SDK is completely open. You’re welcome to connect to any other app.

What is the footprint of the SDK on my app?

Xplode's footprint varies depending on the app. On average, it is under 1MB. 

How does the app discovery grid perform?

Here’s the key: user experience. As a native platform, Xplode allows users to experience smooth transitions, natural interactions, and expected mobile behaviors. Equipped with a single-tap app launcher, the cross-promotion app discovery grid allows users to open apps directly from the unit while simultaneously driving re-engagement for users who have already installed some of your other apps. 

How do the app recommendations perform?

Xplode's sleek, full-page app recommendations reward user action by showcasing great apps from our network of high-quality app developers. Equipped with advanced features such as a slideshow function, timer, and animated buttons, they are optimized to ensure maximum user engagement. Unlike HTML5 and Javascript interstitials, they look and feel natural for the mobile platform, meaning users are more likely to engage.


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